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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2003-04

Marumalarchi Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK)

Financial Year : 2003-04

Type : Other Party
State in which Registered:
Address : THAYAGAM? No. 141, Rukmani Lakshmi Pathi Salai, Egmore, Chennai?600008 (Tamil Nadu).
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 290.67 Lacs
Deposits & AdvancesRs. 155.44 Lacs
Bank BalancesRs. 213.94 Lacs
Cash On HandRs. 3.74 Lacs
Capital FundRs. 660.84 Lacs
AdvanceRs. 0.24 Lacs
Development FundRs. 1.96 Lacs
Agents caution DepositsRs. 0.75 Lacs
Loan Canara Bank Kalingapatti0
TDS Payable 0
Membership fees Advance Receipts0
Total Assets
Rs. 663.80 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 663.80 Lacs
By Membership Fees ReceivedRs. 26.85 Lacs
By Sales Of Membership FormsRs. 0.08 Lacs
By Party Development & Election FundRs. 208.26 Lacs
By Interest Received on F.DRs. 13.24 Lacs
Sales of Party Election Forms, Nomination Form, Book & CDsRs. 0.67 Lacs
By Advertisement0
By Subscription Received0
Nomination Fees (Assembly election, Local body)0
Interest on Bank 0
Bye Interest on Post Offie Deposit 0
By Candidate Refund0
Vehicle Sales0
Party Election Nomination Fee & Sales0
Anna Bithday Conference Fund0
Profit on Land Compulsory acquisation0
By Sale of Kurur Land0
By Excess of Income over Expenditure of Sangoli0
Incom of Expenditure over income Transferred to Capital fund a/c 0
Salary, Wages & BonusRs. 5.85 Lacs
Postage, Telephone & Net Charges, (Web Connection)Rs. 3.26 Lacs
Electricity ChargesRs. 1.15 Lacs
Advertisement & Wallposter ExpRs. 0.13 Lacs
Membership card & Data ExpensesRs. 11.21 Lacs
Printing, Stationary & Paper ChargesRs. 2.68 Lacs
Travelling ExpenseRs. 8.08 Lacs
Office Maintenance ChargesRs. 1.77 Lacs
Legal ExpensesRs. 17.42 Lacs
Meeting ExpensesRs. 2.84 Lacs
DonationRs. 2.34 Lacs
Medical & Other aidsRs. 2.77 Lacs
Building MaintenanceRs. 0.47 Lacs
Property Tax PaidRs. 0.38 Lacs
Vehicle & Cycle MaintenanceRs. 5.13 Lacs
Parcel ExpensesRs. 0.13 Lacs
Bank ChargesRs. 0.05 Lacs
Party, Election ExpensesRs. 1.21 Lacs
Book & PeriodicalsRs. 0.14 Lacs
Maintenance ExpensesRs. 0.17 Lacs
Computer MaintenanceRs. 0.19 Lacs
Lift MaintenanceRs. 0.23 Lacs
Conference Exp0
Parliament Election Expenses0
Renaissance Walk Expenses0
Tusunami relif Fund0
Vidiyal Programme0
Volunteers Expenses0
Leaders Travelling Expenses0
Marmalarchi Blood Donors Asso0
Assembly Election & Travel Expenses0
CM Public Relief Fund0
Bank Loan Interest0
PM National Relief Fund0
Newspaper, Periodicals & Magazines0
Local Body Election Expenses0
Office Expenses0
Staff wefare Expense0
Committee Meeting Expenses0
Machine Maintenance( Ac, Fax, Xerox)0
Party Welfare Expense0
Sri Lankan releif fund & Aids0
Kavinagar Kudiyarasu IIIam0
Gift on Vehicle0
Vehicle Insurance0
TDS, Interest on TDS Delay payment0
Audit & video cassettes0
Sanchi, Delhi Fast Agitation0
Leader Election Comaign0
Velu Nachiyar Drama 0
Anna Birthday conference Nellai0
Building Insurance 0
Loss on Sale of Vehicle0
Book Release0
Anti Liquor March0
World Tamil Organisation0
Excess Of Expenditure Over Income from Sangoli a/c Rs. 3.60 Lacs
Excess of Income over expenses Transferred to capital fund a/c Rs. 177.81 Lacs
Total Income
Rs. 249.13 Lacs
Total Expenditure
Rs. 249.13 Lacs

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