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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2010-11

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK)

Financial Year : 2010-11

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: Tamil Nadu
Address : 275, Avvai Shanmugam Salai, Royapettah, Chennai- 600014 (Tamil Nadu).
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 391.01 Lacs
Fixed Deposit with BanksRs. 1,874.26 Lacs
Loans, Advances and DepositsRs. 1,292.81 Lacs
Balance with BanksRs. 2,023.69 Lacs
Tax Deducted At Source 0
Cash on HandRs. 0.87 Lacs
General FundRs. 1,140.50 Lacs
Party Development FundRs. 2,833.97 Lacs
Election FundRs. 475.35 Lacs
Party Building FundRs. 1,079.53 Lacs
Medical Relief FundRs. 49.60 Lacs
Sengole FundRs. 0.05 Lacs
Perarinnngar Anna Trust0
Outstanding LiabilityRs. 3.63 Lacs
Sundry Creditors0
Total Assets
Rs. 5,582.66 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 5,582.66 Lacs
Membership SubscriptionRs. 12.20 Lacs
MP Election Nomination Fee0
General Secretary Nomination Fee 0
State Assembly Election Nomination Fees Rs. 1,214.96 Lacs
Application Fees 0
Interest Receipts0
Sale of ApplicationRs. 2.13 Lacs
Family Benevolent Fund ReceiptsRs. 5.50 Lacs
Interest on Income Tax Refund0
Local Authority Election Receipts0
Miscellaneous IncomeRs. 7.24 Lacs
Sale of Press Statement BooksRs. 0.46 Lacs
Advertisement Receipts0
Interest IncomeRs. 177.84 Lacs
Income Tax Refund0
Excess of Expenditure over Income0
Salaries & AllowancesRs. 14.54 Lacs
Electricity ChargesRs. 4.76 Lacs
Family Benevolent Fund Payments0
Printing & StationeryRs. 21.51 Lacs
Legal ExpensesRs. 9.48 Lacs
Postage & TelephoneRs. 2.58 Lacs
Repairs & MaintenanceRs. 13.56 Lacs
Rent, Rates and TaxesRs. 2.79 Lacs
Audit FeesRs. 3.63 Lacs
Computer Maintenance0
Staff Welfare0
Advertisment & PublicityRs. 1,018.68 Lacs
Subscription to Periodicals0
Bank Charges0
Vehicle Maintenance & Petrol- Diesel0
Security Charges0
income tax Paid (TDS)0
Travelling & ConveyanceRs. 114.18 Lacs
Meeting & Procession ExpensesRs. 39.64 Lacs
Statue Expenses0
DepreciationRs. 15.81 Lacs
General ExpensesRs. 7.02 Lacs
DonationRs. 21.13 Lacs
Tax Deducted at SourceRs. 127.28 Lacs
Flower & Garden0
Accounting Charges0
Loss on Sale of Asset0
Excess of Income over ExpenditureRs. 3.70 Lacs
Total Income
Rs. 1,420.35 Lacs
Total Expenditures
Rs. 1,420.35 Lacs

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