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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2008-09

Lok Jan Shakti party (LJP)

Financial Year : 2008-09

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: Bihar
Address : 12 Janpath, New Delhi- 110011
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 41.99 Lacs
Cash in HandRs. 2.84 Lacs
Cash at BankRs. 21.54 Lacs
Reserve & Surplus0
Capital Account (Corpus Fund)Rs. 66.39 Lacs
Less : Deficit for the year0
Total Assets
Rs. 66.39 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 66.39 Lacs
Donation Received/Sale of Coupon Membership etc.Rs. 62.09 Lacs
Bank Charges0
Gross Lose C/ORs. 2.80 Lacs
Deficit carried to balance sheet0
To Audit Fee0
To Bank Charges & InterestRs. 0.04 Lacs
To Election Campaign Exp.0
Legal and ProfessionalRs. 0.29 Lacs
To Helicopter Hire ChargeRs. 60.36 Lacs
To Office ExpensesRs. 0.17 Lacs
To Press ConferenceRs. 0.60 Lacs
To Postage & Courier ChargeRs. 0.59 Lacs
To Printing & StationeryRs. 1.78 Lacs
To Salary to StaffRs. 0.85 Lacs
Manifesto Expenses0
Mics. Expenses0
Loss by fire (CAR)0
Travelling and Conveyance0
Rally, Meetings Publicity & AdverRs. 0.20 Lacs
Surplus carried to Balance sheets0
Total Income
Rs. 64.90 Lacs
Total Expenditures
Rs. 64.90 Lacs

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