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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2001-02

Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)

Financial Year : 2001-02

Type : National Party
State in which Registered: New Delhi
Address : 10, Bishambhar Das Marg, New Delhi-110001.
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 41.78 Lacs
Advances to staff and other advancesRs. 142.28 Lacs
Fixed Deposit0
Cash in Hand0
Bank Balance0
Reserve FundRs. 175.22 Lacs
Current Liabilities & ProvisionRs. 8.84 Lacs
Total Assets
Rs. 184.07 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 184.07 Lacs
Receipt From Sale Of CouponsRs. 148.50 Lacs
Sale of Farms & Purse MoneyRs. 277.32 Lacs
Membership, Subscription & CandidatureRs. 8.97 Lacs
DonationRs. 2.83 Lacs
Election fund contribution & BMC Election- 2007 from coll feesRs. 123.76 Lacs
Others Income (Insurance, Interest, Collection, Surplus on Disposal of Assets, Misc, Int FDR & Convention Receipt)Rs. 6.78 Lacs
Tkt Application From Recd and sale of Flags & BadgesRs. 4.71 Lacs
By Contribution- Chintan Periodical0
To Excess of Expenditure over Income Carried to Balance- SheetRs. 13.33 Lacs
Advertisement ExpensesRs. 99.34 Lacs
SalaryRs. 24.13 Lacs
Audit FeeRs. 0.20 Lacs
Bank ChargesRs. 0.12 Lacs
Courier Charges0
Books & PeriodicalRs. 0.71 Lacs
Cartage Rs. 2.79 Lacs
Cleaning Expenses0
BonusRs. 0.99 Lacs
ConveyanceRs. 1.36 Lacs
Distric Level Expenses0
Cultural Programme Exp0
DepreciationRs. 9.28 Lacs
Aid/ Donation0
Election ExpensesRs. 202.92 Lacs
Decoration Expenses0
Donation PaidRs. 1.26 Lacs
Ajmer Yatra Expenses0
Bharat jago abhiyan expenses0
Gift & Souvenirs0
Electricity ExpRs. 5.19 Lacs
Entertainment ExpRs. 0.34 Lacs
Freight chargesRs. 0.21 Lacs
Ex Gratia0
Fuel Expenses0
HonoriumRs. 1.08 Lacs
Helicopter Expenses0
Function & Program ExpensesRs. 16.26 Lacs
InsuranceRs. 1.17 Lacs
Janshampark abhiyan expRs. 18.43 Lacs
Photography Expenses0
General Expenses0
Haj expenses0
Sundry Expenses0
Meeting & Conference ExpRs. 62.80 Lacs
Over time expensesRs. 0.12 Lacs
Miscellaneous ExpRs. 2.35 Lacs
Momentos & Trophys0
Office MaintenanceRs. 3.53 Lacs
Municipal Charges0
Press Conference0
Postage & TelegramRs. 2.29 Lacs
Printing & StationeryRs. 14.58 Lacs
Publicity ExpensesRs. 25.84 Lacs
Professional FeeRs. 0.30 Lacs
Refreshment ExpRs. 6.27 Lacs
RentRs. 5.75 Lacs
Repair & MaintenanceRs. 2.70 Lacs
Rosa ifftari program0
Rashtrawadi Masik Magine Expenses0
Staff Welfare0
Telephone ChargesRs. 17.90 Lacs
Tour & Traveling ExpRs. 40.67 Lacs
Motor Vehicle Running, Maintenance Fuel ExpenseRs. 14.72 Lacs
Insurance Vehicles0
Loss on Sale & Disposal of Assets0
Water ChargesRs. 0.48 Lacs
Shibir Expenses0
Legal expenses0
State Level Expenses0
News paper & Periodicals0
To Banners, Flags & Hoarding0
To Meleva Expenses0
To Society Maintenance0
To Manifesto Expenses0
Computer Expenses0
Promotion Expenses0
Internet Expenses0
To Iftar Party Expenses0
Others expenses0
Foundation day expenses0
Membership Drive0
Medical Expenses0
To Excess of Income over Expenditure Carried over to Balance Sheet0
Total Income
Rs. 586.21 Lacs
Total Expenditures
Rs. 586.21 Lacs

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