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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2010-11

All India Forward Bloc (AIFB)

Financial Year : 2010-11

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: New Delhi
Address : 28,Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Road, New Delhi –110001
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 0.61 Lacs
Current AssetsRs. 32.77 Lacs
Telephone & Other DepositsRs. 0.22 Lacs
Contribution to PublicationRs. 5.00 Lacs
Cash and Bank BalanceRs. 180.08 Lacs
General FundRs. 97.69 Lacs
Estate of Comm. Chitta Basu0
FundsRs. 121.00 Lacs
Total Assets
Rs. 218.69 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 218.69 Lacs
Collection from mass people0
Contribution of Members & MPRs. 0.12 Lacs
Interests of Fixed Deposits Rs. 2.78 Lacs
Interest on Saving BankRs. 4.64 Lacs
Levy From MP's & CC Members, MembershipsRs. 9.50 Lacs
Membership Fees0
Publication Sales (Janagarjan & Socialism)0
Contribution 15th Parliament Election 0
Contribution for 16th Party Congress 0
Contribution of WB State CommitteeRs. 0.20 Lacs
Collection For Anti- Imperilistic Cont at Jabalpur0
Delegate Fees0
Mass Collection for Assembly Election0
Allowance to Whole timesRs. 2.25 Lacs
Bank Charges0
Car ExpensesRs. 0.19 Lacs
Contribution to Manipur States Committee0
Contribution to UP States Committee0
Election Campaigning0
Electric ChargesRs. 0.07 Lacs
Medical ExpensesRs. 0.01 Lacs
Messing ExpensesRs. 0.51 Lacs
Meeting, Seminars & ConferenceRs. 0.63 Lacs
Misc. Expenses0
Newspapers & PeriodicalsRs. 0.19 Lacs
Office ExpensesRs. 0.17 Lacs
Photocopy, Printing & StationeryRs. 0.16 Lacs
Postage & CourierRs. 0.09 Lacs
Professional Fees0
Staff & Sweeper SalaryRs. 0.12 Lacs
Telephone, Mobile, Internet & Fax ExpensesRs. 0.45 Lacs
Travelling & ConveyanceRs. 6.12 Lacs
Website Expenses0
Computer Maintenance & StationeryRs. 0.11 Lacs
Expenses for AIFB, Manipur0
Expenses for Election of Different States & Functioning expensesRs. 2.51 Lacs
FestubesRs. 0.06 Lacs
Rally ExpensesRs. 0.05 Lacs
Party Congess Expenses0
Publication of Janagarjan, SocialismRs. 0.23 Lacs
Mairang to Jalanawalabag Jatra0
Netaji Birthday Celebration0
Anti- Imperilistic Conference at Jabalpur0
Auditors RemunerationRs. 0.06 Lacs
Rent & Owner Charges0
Contribution to Different State committeeRs. 2.77 Lacs
Contribution to Akhil Hind ForumRs. 0.10 Lacs
Contribution to All India Agragami Mohila SamityRs. 0.01 Lacs
Remuneration/ HonorariumRs. 0.29 Lacs
Expenses of Bharat Yatra0
Diary & Novelty Expenses0
Total Income
Rs. 17.24 Lacs
Total Expenditures
Rs. 17.24 Lacs

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