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 Income-Expenditure Statement
Financial Year : 2012-13

Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD)

Financial Year : 2012-13

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: New Delhi
Address : 12-Tughlak Road, New Delhi-110011.
Income-Expenditure Statement of other Years :

 Balance Sheet

Fixed AssetsRs. 498.83 Lacs
InvestmentsRs. 455.15 Lacs
DepositRs. 145.68 Lacs
Loan & Advances (Assets)Rs. 0.06 Lacs
Cash in HandRs. 4.03 Lacs
Balance with BankRs. 36.00 Lacs
Fixed Deposit Rs. 742.90 Lacs
General Fund Rs. 1,851.36 Lacs
Reserved Fund Rs. 31.31 Lacs
Current Liabilities0
Rs. 1,882.68 Lacs
Total Liabilities
Rs. 1,882.68 Lacs
Aggricultural IncomeRs. 6.93 Lacs
Interest on Fdrs Up to 31.03.2012Rs. 24.84 Lacs
Interest on FDR with IDBIRs. 43.84 Lacs
Interest on FDR with SCBRs. 0.16 Lacs
Interest on Fdr with Syndicate BankRs. 11.90 Lacs
Interest on FDR with Yes BankRs. 9.78 Lacs
Interest on Income Tax RefundRs. 0.01 Lacs
Interest Received from Bank0
Membership Fee (Members)Rs. 13.07 Lacs
Sale of Mutual Fund & AgriculturalRs. 84.71 Lacs
Voluntary Contribution, Donation ReceivedRs. 114.35 Lacs
Bank Saving A/c InterestRs. 0.07 Lacs
Other Incme0
Capital Gains & LossRs. 51.36 Lacs
Bulletin Membership Fee0
Profit on Sale of Land0
Advertisement ExpensesRs. 0.30 Lacs
Bank Charges0
Cars Running & MaintenanceRs. 3.52 Lacs
Computer ExpensesRs. 0.07 Lacs
Conveyance Expenses0
Depreciation ChargesRs. 9.88 Lacs
Diesels ExpensesRs. 0.82 Lacs
Election Publicity Helicopter ExpensesRs. 7.50 Lacs
Electrical ExpensesRs. 0.31 Lacs
Electoral Survey ExpensesRs. 1.74 Lacs
Insurance Expenses-CarRs. 0.58 Lacs
Legal & Professional ChargesRs. 0.03 Lacs
Loss & Sale of Fixed AssetsRs. 2.25 Lacs
Meeting ExpensesRs. 1.25 Lacs
News paper ExpensesRs. 0.10 Lacs
Office MaintenanceRs. 1.57 Lacs
Photo Copy ExpensesRs. 0.33 Lacs
Photography ExpensesRs. 0.02 Lacs
Postage & Couriar ExpensesRs. 0.21 Lacs
Publicity Material (Election)Rs. 2.00 Lacs
Rent PaidRs. 0.36 Lacs
Salary & Bonus PaidRs. 3.07 Lacs
Security Transaction TaxRs. 0.59 Lacs
Short & Excess0
Telephone ExpensesRs. 0.53 Lacs
Travelling ExpensesRs. 0.09 Lacs
Bulletin Expenses0
Surplus of Income over Expenditure Rs. 323.85 Lacs
Total Income
Rs. 361.07 Lacs
Total Expenditures
Rs. 361.07 Lacs

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