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Indian Union Muslim League (IUML)

Type : State Party
State in which Registered: Tamil Nadu
Address : Quaid-e-Millath Manzil 36 Maraikayar Lebbai Street, Chennai-600001, Tamil Nadu.

Financials Summary of Income-Expenditure Statement of Various Years

Financial YearTotal Assets (in lacs)Total Liabilities (in lacs)Total Income (in lacs)Total Expenditure (in lacs)
2018-19 Rs. 543.12 lacs Rs. 543.12 lacs Rs. 530.08 lacs Rs. 530.08 lacs
2017-18 Rs. 516.14 lacs Rs. 516.14 lacs Rs. 500.43 lacs Rs. 500.43 lacs
2016-17 Rs. 0.00 lacs Rs. 0.00 lacs Rs. 24.39 lacs Rs. 24.20 lacs
2015-16 Rs. 0.00 lacs Rs. 0.00 lacs Rs. 13.29 lacs Rs. 13.29 lacs
2014-15 Rs. .00 lacs Rs. .00 lacs Rs. 3.21 lacs Rs. 3.21 lacs

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